• Vulnerable and Protected Plants

As an Authorised Propagator, Advanced Vegetation Management can propagate and sell, either wholesale or retail, the protected Myrmecodia beccarii, or Ant-house Plant.  Advanced Vegetation Management has a propagating unit to grow and care for these plants and has written detailed a methodology on the harvesting, growing and relocation of Myrmecodia beccarii.

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  • Tree Management and Services

As tree contractors in Cairns, Advanced Vegetation Management offers the following affordable tree services:

  • Pruning and Deadwooding

Pruning is required in some instances when trees become too big for their allotted area or have grown over buildings and require reduction.  Often trees in the tropics become internally shaded which causes limbs to die.  These limbs can be dangerous to people and property and need to be removed on a regular basis.

  • Tree Removal

Whilst Advanced Vegetation Management is dedicated to exploring all options before resorting to tree removal, this action may be required in some cases due a range of factors such as overcrowding, dangerous positioning or tree rot.  Advanced Vegetation Management is qualified to remove trees safely using the latest equipment and modern techniques including confined space rigging with ropes and overhead cranes for large and difficult removals.

  • Affordable Stump Grinding

Often after tree removal, stump grinding is required.  Advanced Vegetation Management is able to access most confined areas.

  • Chipping and Mulching

Advanced Vegetation Management’s modern equipment is capable of chipping.

  • Sale of wood chips and mulch

Through the conduct of daily tasks, the team at Advanced Vegetation Management create a lot of wood chips and mulch that clients do not wish to keep.  Advanced Vegetation Management is therefore able to supply various forms of mulch including palm mulch and wood chips.

  • Palm tree trimming, cleaning and Coconut denutting

Advanced Vegetation Management is able to denut and clean dead fronds from palms, as well as remove dangerous coconuts.

  • Tree surgery

Advanced Vegetation Management is able to complete the specialist pruning or remedial works required to maintain or prolong the life of a tree.

  • Land Clearing

Advanced Vegetation Management offers a full service to clear your section or block including tree felling, root removal, excavation, wood chipping, stump grinding and spreading of mulch.