Cairns Tree Lopping & Tree Removal Services

Tree lopping and tree removal can be a dangerous endeavour.  Removing dead trees, overhanging limbs and overgrown vegetation must and should be completed by industry trained and experienced professionals.

For almost 10 years, Advanced Vegetation Management has effectively and efficiently been removing dangerous, dead and unwanted trees and vegetation for clients located throughout Far North Queensland and further afield.  Dedicated to the provision of safe, industry-leading tree removal and vegetation management services, all Advanced Vegetation Management team members are either already qualified arborists or are working towards obtaining their qualifications as enthusiastic apprentices.

This safety and quality commitment is only one way Advanced Vegetation Management stands alone in the provision of expert tree lopping and removal services in the Cairns region.

Another is Advanced Vegetation Management’s dedication to providing on time, on budget arborist services through the ownership of all of the plant and equipment the team needs to complete even the most complex tree removal, lopping, stump grinding and vegetation management tasks.  Ownership of its own stump grinder, wood chipper, heavy vehicles, elevated work platforms, excavators and cutting equipment enables Advanced Vegetation Management to make appointments and stick to them.  For specialist tree removals requiring the use of a crane, Advanced Vegetation Management even has a unique partnership with Century Cranes for the provision of high quality, well maintained and operated machinery.

Advanced Vegetation Management has completed arborist tasks from the simplest of tree limb trimming and lopping, to the removal of trees in suburban backyards with no vehicle access, right through to the management of dense, unyielding vegetation in thick rainforest settings.  No job is too simple or too challenging.

Cairns Tree Risk Management, Arboricultural Consulting & Contracting Services

Find out more about Advanced Vegetation Management’s tree cutting and management services including:

  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Tree lopping
  • Stump grinding
  • Chipping and mulching

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